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Lucci – Professional web development

Lucci is a company specialized in web development and website implementation. With over ten years of experience, we work professionally on all aspects of your website. High-quality work and flexible customer service guides our daily operations.

Since 2006, we have created hundreds of websites. Our customers are companies and societies in need of websites, as well as advertising agencies and graphic designers for which we work as subcontractor for the technical execution of sites.

As a technical platform we mainly use WordPress. Webshops are built on the WooCommerce platform. We can program additional features in WordPress or customize the appearance of sites.

We also offer maintenance of WordPress sites. The maintenance price is 39€ / month. The price includes:

  • Monthly upgrades for WordPress and plugins
  • Server space (4Gb)
  • Domain name
  • If required, emails for the above server space*

* We recommend using Gmail for corporate emails.




VividWorks Ltd.
Real-Time Visualization Platform


Metal industry expertise

Ihsaan & Iman

Ihsaan & Iman
Fashion without borders


Turning Learning Around

Duck'n Dump

Duck’n Dump
Save Felix the cat!

Maalahden Limppu

Maalahden Limppu Oy
Genuine taste from the year 1906

Koti-Ilo Oy

Koti-Ilo Oy
Renovations for your entire house

Olikos naulakot

Olikos naulakot
Things in neat order

Ravintola Samaani

Ravintola Samaani
Superb taste sensations!


E.Vuorimies Oy
Anything made from sheet metal

Avilla LKV

Avilla LKV
Active real estate brokerage

Päivärannan Ruusu Oy

Päivärannan Ruusu Oy
Online florists

Kuusamon Vuokratalot Oy

Kuusamon Vuokratalot
Rental apartments in Kuusamo

Innostuksen hetki

Innostuksen Hetki
Wholeness through insight

Kemin kulttuurikeskus

Kemin kulttuurikeskus
Culture for all ages



Through Rakentajantukku Kastelli-Talo customers can order building materials for their own construction projects.

The system is integrated with other Kastelli-Talo systems. (in finnish)


MediCare organizes first aid courses for companies and societies. It is important that their pages can be found on Google by searching ”first aid courses oulu”. When we began optimizing the site for this search, it was found in Google’s search results only on the third page. With search engine optimization, the site was found on the first page and among the very first in search results. (in finnish)


The Levypalvelu business idea is to offer a wide range of boards cut to size, promptly delivered to door or building site. The Levypalvelu web shop offers the possibility of specifying board sizes and choose sides to be banded. The price is determined by the selected material and size of the sheet, as well as banding. (in finnish)


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