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Hey graphic designer! Would you like to make websites with us?
We create functional and easily updateable websites from graphic images.

We do not have our own graphic designers, but concentrate on the technical functioning and development of web sites, so you do not have to worry about the technology. Read more...

Cooperation works like this:

  1. You plan and agree upon the site layout with the customer.
  2. You send us the layout for programming.
  3. After the programming, we will send you an address where the site will be visible, as well as IDs with which the contents of the site can be edited.
  4. When the site looks and functions as you wish, you can send a link for the site to the customer for their approval.
  5. After the customer's approval, we will publish the site.
  6. We will send you an invoice for the programming, whilst the maintenance will be invoiced directly from the customer.

We use our own easy-to-use Lucci content management system. We also keep the technology of the site up to date by updating the CMS and the site’s software components, so that the customer should always have a workable system in use.

The price for the Responsive site programming is 400 € (VAT.0) and the maintenance price is 29 € / month (VAT.0). The maintenance fee includes software updates, in addition to the server space, emails and domain name. Additional information is on the price list.

Contact us, and let’s start a mutually worthwhile cooperation!


"I must say that we have never had such seamless co-operation with other web professionals, you were able to implement our systems exactly as we planned! Excellent work." -Julia Afflekt 


Päivärannan ruusu

Web design: Apexiva


Päivärannan ruusu

Aurora Cottages
Web design: Alfa-Tiimi


Medi Pihka

Outback Burgers & Steaks
Web Design: Antti Haarala Oy


Päivärannan ruusu

Ihsaan & Iman
Web design: Harri Tarvainen


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